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Find Windows 7 Hidden Features

I would be a bit negligent not to add some of the great little Windows 7 tricks and tools that are included with the program. I hope you find something in this little tool box that you can use.

a. Lets Resurrect Quick Launch
  1. Right click on Taskbar/Toolbars/New Tool Bar and paste following into Folder:                %userprofile%/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Quick Launch; and
  2. You will immediately see a Quick Launch menu appear on the right. You can then right click and unlock the task bar, right click on the divider and choose how you want this little applet to appear. You can choose to have just small or large icons, text and/or title.

b. Whats this inside the Calculator?

 The new calculator has an incredible little tool hidden within that lets you simply calculate mortgages, leases as well as fuel economy. Simply go to Accessories/Calculator/View and Worksheets. To add to this functionality, one will also find unit conversions and date calculations as well as the 3 types of calculators.

c. Taking A Closer Look At Magnifier

 Did you ever want to quickly zoom somewhere on the screen, whether it be for a picture or letters that are just a bit to small? By holding down the WinKey and pressing ‘+’ or ‘-‘, it turns the magnifier on and zooms the screen. That’s just the beginning though!!! By exploring the available options you can choose full screen, lense or docked views and there is even more in setting up the magnifier options. Amaze yourself with the power of this little tool.

 d. Windows Snipping Tool is Amazing!

 A little known tool that Windows 7 has that merits discussion is called Snipping Tool. It enables you to freeze whatever is on your screen, take a picture of that spot on the screen and save it. Simply press WinKey + ‘R’ for the un Command and type ‘Snippingtool’ and hit Enter. Just for a bit of a background, this is Microsoft’s description of ‘The Tool’:

e. Whats Up With Wordpad?

 You probably haven’t given much thought to WordPad lately, but the version shipping with Windows 7 has undergone a major renovation. Think of it as a lite version of Microsoft Word. WordPad sports a spiffy ribbon interface, making it a snap to create well-formatted documents. Plus, you are no longer relegated to saving them as .RTF files. WordPad now supports the Office Open XML document (.DOCX) format. This makes it even easier to open .DOCX files created in Word in WordPad.

f. Open a Command Prompt in Any Folder

 We know that we can get to a command prompt through Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories but there is a much easier way which is new to Windows 7. One can simply hold down the Shift key and right click on their Desktop or any folder menu to see a selection ‘Open Command Window here’. Thanks Microsoft..nifty add on.

g. Can We Burn Disks Yet?

In a word …. Yes. Windows 7 makes creating a disk form an .iso file as easy as a double click on the file

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