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Create A Win7 Maintenance Schedule

I think one of the best things we can do for our computer in order to keep it running its best is to commit to a weekly cleanup. I will confess that I am a nut for this and do it daily but, most importantly, it does ensure your system is in top shape and running its best.

Through internet use, trying new things and…yes tweaking, your system will save internet and tmp files which will build up over time to an incredible size, slowing your system down quite a bit. Further, installing and uninstalling new programs and application leaves tons of unneeded registry entries in your system.

a. Know the Software that Works!

 I rely heavily on freeware that has been proven, has great reviews and works. People needlessly pay valuable money for virus programs and cleanup tools when there are better ones available for free on the internet, many of which are actually better and in the case of virus software, do not eat up a lot of your critical system resources. I have absolutely no hesitation in promoting the download site I use which is as well as these following software programs which are all FREE and not time limited:
  • AVG Antivirus Free Edition is probably the number one download for the entire internet and has been downloaded just under 2 million times on this site alone. I have downloaded it on countless occasions for my systems and that of those I have helped. It is a complete protection program, is easy to install, uses very little system resources, works in the background and updates very often. It has been around for years and, in my opinion, is the best Anti-virus program one can invest in. I haven’t used Avast software but it also ranks at the top of the popularity chart;
  • IoBit Advanced System Care 3 Optimizer is Amazing. It takes all the maintenance and cleaning concerns off your hand and works with a simple mouse click if you don’t want it to run automatically. Again free and not time limited, this software takes care of spyware removal, registry errors and concerns, privacy sweep and free space by cleaning junk files. It is a complete system and its utilities have add ons like Internet Booster, Game Booster and Smart Defrag;
  • VLC Media Player is an all around media player that plays just about every type of media possible. Everyone has run into those times when media won’t play because such and such an extension is not compatible. I have never had this problem with VLC installed; and
  • CCleaner just to confirm my system is clean. There is really no need with Advanced System Optimizer but I like having the second system cleaning program available justin case. It’s a bit overboard I know but I have been using this for so long I had to throw it in. Its cleaner and registry fixing tools are just as powerful as Advanced System Care 3.

b. Troubleshoot Computer Problems

Got a computer problem you are not sure of? Windows 7 has great troubleshooting capabilities which can be found by going to the Control Panel and then Selecting Troubleshooting.

Once there you will find a bevy of capabilities to troubleshoot Programs, Hardware and Sound, Network and Internet, Appearance Personalization as well as System and Security. From there you can choose to go to Change Settings and turn background checking of stability off since it is on by default. I would suggest leaving it on.

c. Find the Hidden Power Efficiency Diagnostic Tool

Windows enables us to conduct energy efficiency testing of our systems and then see the subsequent report to determine what we can improve upon. Simply:
  1. Access your command prompt through Accessories or by typing ‘cmd’ in the Run command menu;
  2. Type ‘powercfg/energy’ at the prompt and let the system do the test; and
  3. Go to your root drive (C: ) and click on the energy report. It will display errors, warnings and information that can assist in improving your power efficiency.

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