Make Windows 7 Lightning Fast! Improve Boot Time and Shut Down. Eliminate Bloatware. Understand The Importance of a Fresh Install. Discover Win7 God Mode and Other Hidden Secrets. Improve Windows 7 Visible Performance. Shut Down Hibernate and Page File To Save Space. Discover Windows 7 Hot Keys. Maintain Win7 Health. Includes Valuable SSD Tips.

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Windows 7 God Mode

I thought I would leave one of the best shocks in Windows 7 to last, this being a small yet incredibly powerful hidden application called God Mode. God Mode will place a control panel icon on your desktop that has every command available in Windows 7 inside and listed alphabetically. Here is how to get it:
  1. Right click on the desktop and select New followed by Folder;
  2. Open the folder and name it: ‘God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}’; and
  3. Once done, the folder will change to that of the Control panel and the user now has immediate access to a word of commands within Windows 7, 281 commands to be exact.


Congratulations for making it through My Computer and Windows 7 Optimization Guide. I hope that there was something that you found that may be of use in the future. Tweaking isn’t anything we need to do, but rather, somewhat of an addiction, for many. It is an opportunity to set up your system to exactly the way you want it. I hope you enjoyed the guide and invite you to pass the knowledge on to others just as I have gained throughout the years.

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Amy said...

Hi, Angelic from NBR. This was an amazing guide, I found so many useful tricks in here. Thanks!!!

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Hey NiteWalker from NBR. Awesome guide and taught me a few things I didn't know like the snipping tool. Thanks!

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Wonderful guide and reference tool for win 7. Would be helpful though if there were instructions on how and when to flash the system BIOS. A step by step procedure would be valuable for novice users such as myself. this would be a valuable starting point. Thanks for your consideration.

noli san jose said...

very nice! thanks a lot, man!

noli san jose said...
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Nice! Thanks!