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Windows 7 Rescue

Some time ago, myself and members of NotebookReview compiled a guide of the best tips, tricks and tweaks found on the Net with respect to Windows Vista. The end result of that guide saw it published in several languages and make its way across the internet like wildfire. As popular as it remains, Windows 7 has now introduced itself and filled in so many of the pot holes left open with Vista, proving itself to be an almost unnecessarily tweakable operating system.

Technological advances have made huge steps yet the consumer continues to search for shorter boot times, speedier use, shorter shut down times, as wells as a compilation of the best tips, tricks and shortcuts for Windows 7. In addition to this, solid state drives, 64 bit operating systems as well as larger memory configurations have added a new dimension to our computer use which, when accompanied by Windows 7, is a somewhat unmatchable experience today.

This guide is dedicated to those of us who get stuck and continue trying to solve a problem, only to realize at 3:30am that they have to be up for work in an hour or so.


There is no need to alter Windows 7 whatsoever. Doing so may cause your operating system to act strangely or even crash without notice.

In my quest to fine tune my own systems, I have experienced both of the above and there have been times when I could not understand the reasoning behind those results. As well, all of the listed tips, tricks and tweaks are organized as best thought possible, however, some are more advanced than others. Some require specific skills to work through editing registry settings, working with DOS as well as starting and stopping programs and services which run in Windows 7 background.
Given respect to this, I would advise one to NOT follow this article unless you have the background and knowledge to do so. I cannot take responsibility for any changes you make to your own system that may cause any adverse effects. Please be aware that the only person who can be held responsible for loss of information, crashing or unusual experiences your system may exhibit is yourself as you have chosen freely to accept the risks.

Aside from that, there are always 4 escapes to any mistakes made as a result of trying these tweaks:
  • Call on the experience of the site and members who have been through similar ordeals and have the knowledge and background to assist;
  • Reboot your computer while quickly tapping F8. This will bring you into the Advanced Boot Options where you can select options such as Repair Your Computer, Last Known Good Configuration or booting into Safe Mode where you can do a System Restore to an earlier time;
  • Reboot your computer with your Windows 7 disk in the drive. Boot to the disk select the installation you want and then click on repair, or
  • Complete a clean install of Windows 7 which, although time intensive, will confirm that your problem is solved and the system is in tip-top shape.

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